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Tafl was a board game that dominated Europe before the arrival of Chess. The game was played by people throughout the Norse and Celtic world in its many forms and was even mentioned in the sagas. In recent years many attempts have been made to reconstruct the rules. Many of the rules of these reconstructions are available here. Some of the more balanced variants are even available to be played in rated games.

Learn more about the history of Tafl at Cyningstan\'s Site.

There is currently a mobile friendly beta version of the site available Here.

You can play against the AI by sending a challenge to MontyBot(beginner) or OpenTaflBot(intermediate) from the New Game page and it will accept any challenge. You can download a copy of OpenTafl from here.

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Site Rules:
  1. Using the names of mass murders, controversial political leaders, or prejudiced slurs and swear words as usernames in an attempt to troll or offend other users will result in a ban. These include names like Hitler, Stalin, or Trump.
  2. Keep discussions civil. You may discuss anything you wish so long as it remains civil with the exception of deliberate attempts at making someone feel unwelcome because of their Nationality, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, or Religion. Spamming political or religious messages does not constitute a discussion.
  3. Bad Manners(BMing) are childish and intolerable and will result in a ban.
    • Accepting or creating invites to play both and declining the weaker side once the other player can no longer decline the other game.
    • Repeatedly challenging users who decline your challenges.
    • Spamming invites.
    • Being unkind to new players and general unsportsmanlike conduct.
  4. Ignoring warnings by the administrator(Tuireann) will result in a ban.

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